Why Kickstarter

After thinking long and hard about how to reach a wider audience for our furniture creations, we decided to launch our first two designs on Kickstarter. What drew us to this route forward the most was the potential to test the waters of furniture design. Kickstarter draws a community of inspired maker – who better to have judge our likelyhood of success. If we receive a little money and send a few furniture creations out into the world, it will be icing on the cake.


On reading the guidelines for Kickstarter projects, we came to understand that our project would need to be clearly defined and therefore require a good deal of focus. They require that each campaign be for a project that has a start and an end. All being said, after struggling with how to present the mmmodern project, the Kickstarter rules proved to be a blessing for us: we realized we shouldn’t focus on selling people on how the mmmodern system works, but rather we had to show that we had a couple great products to offer.

It was pretty fun creating some lower cost rewards too:


By focusing on the first two designs and launching the Profile Table and the Shelf-by-the-Foot we will be exploring what it is like to move from prototype to production. In gathering orders for this initial production run, we hope to build Made to Measure Modern into a well-oiled machine that sources materials, fabricates furniture, and ships to customers. We know there will be a lot of lessons to learn, but we’re excited to see how things go. Please check it out here.

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