We’re launching the first two Made to Measure Modern furniture pieces. A minimalist table, and a versatile shelving system.

The Profile Table


The Profile Table is a minimalist yet flexible addition to any room. Each piece celebrates the natural beauty of the wood it’s composed of by using careful mitred joints and splined connections. The simple and functional details mean that the table has a delicate form that’s a seamless transition of vertical and horizontal planes.


Variable sizing means it functions equally well as a large coffee table, end table, or even a bench. Customize the size to fit your space exactly and choose a wood that compliments your existing furnishings. Being made to measure, each Profile Table is fabricated just for you, just the way you need.

Suggested Sizes: small, medium, large


Shelf by the Foot


Shelf by the Foot is a versatile and sturdy shelf that mounts on almost any wall surface. It’s fabricated from premium plywood and uses solid wood splines for added strength. The mounting bracket is hidden, simple to install, and allows the shelf to ‘float’ slightly off the wall. It’s based on a simple ‘L’ shape and the vertical surface of the shelf is structural while adding the warmth of a wood accent to any wall.

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We know that not every room conforms to a catalogue size, so Shelf by the Foot is available at any size up to 48″(1220mm) in length. As with everything offered by Made to Measure Modern, each shelf is built to order. For the time being, we’re offering Shelf by the Foot in white oak or walnut veneers.

Shelf by the Foot: a how-to video from tony round.

Multiple shelves can be combined to create an arrangement on a wall.


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