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How strong is the Profile Table? We thought we should find out.


This was an unscientific test of our first prototype, which is 43″ long and made of Ipe. We had been using the table as a bench and sitting on it felt fine. As an illustration, we put 200 pounds of bricks on it and it passed the test easily. We then added some more load:


To test the rigidity of the joints, we loaded the table in an unorthodox manner:


The table did exhibit some bending but we feel that it’s because of the length of the wood when the table is standing on end. The joints held together. In normal (horizontal) use, the table is quite rigid and isn’t wobbly at all.

A final note

These tests were done on our Ipe prototype. Unfortunately, we can’t offer Ipe as an option for our furniture at the moment as the extreme weight would make shipping prohibitively expensive. That being said, it is an very rigid wood and doesn’t compare directly to what we do offer (walnut, white oak, mahogany, white ash). However, even if a wood like mahogany is 1/2 or even 1/3 the strength of Ipe, we feel that the medium sized Profile Table will stand up to normal use as a bench.

*Please do not use the Profile Table to store bricks. Also, the table is not designed to be abused. These photos are provided for illustrative purposes only and are not representative of normal, anticipated use. Please do not try this at home: we won’t be held responsible if you do.

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