shelf by the foot production

We’ve moved into furniture production mode! The last of the accessories (coasters, keychains, and card holders) are on their way and our focus has moved to the Shelf by the Foot orders. We’re building 22 separate shelves for a total of over 50 feet of shelving. Here’s what we’ve been up to.


Just fold along the dotted line.¬†Each shelf is made from a matching piece of veneer plywood so that the grain ‘folds’ around the corner. For orders of multiple shelves, we’ve built them from the same piece of plywood so that everything matches.


After each L is glued together, we cut slots in the corner for the strengthening splines.


This is a small fraction of the shelves we’re producing at the moment.


Once the splines are glued, the shelves are ready for trimming, sanding and finishing.


For the final production pieces, we’ve made the splines from a baltic birch plywood for added strength over the prototypes. Here is the new and improved spline.


And finally, here are some images of a 12″ walnut and 24″ white oak shelf. These ones have been finished and are awaiting installation of the brackets on the back.





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