New prototype in the works

We recently started building a new Profile Table. This one is made from White Oak and will be 22″ wide, 20″ deep, and 18″ high.


A recent trip to locate supplies yielded wood to make the table, as well as some mahogany plywood for a set of Shelf by the Foot.

The first step in making the profile table is to determine the best way to cut the full length pieces of wood. The sides and top are made from sequential pieces – so that any natural grain is ‘folded’ around the corners.


Here is the ‘unfolded’ table, laid out on the floor. After bevelling the ends, we test fitted the table together:


From here, the bulk of the cutting is done and it’s a matter of preparing the pieces for the splines which will hold the table together.


Stay tuned for more progress!

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