We’ll be posting installation instructions for Shelf by the Foot here.

  • Before you start, ensure that installing the shelf will not damage wiring, piping, or other things which may be hidden in the wall.┬áIf you’re unsure, find a qualified tradesperson.

This video gives a summary of how to install the shelves on a wall:

General warnings:

  • A good installation depends on securely fastening the bracket to the wall. Always use fasteners that are appropriate for the wall and structure behind
  • Try to hit every stud behind the bracket with a longer screw. Use wall plugs and shorter screws only when there is no other alternative
  • The screw heads used to fasten the bracket to the wall must be flush or recessed below the face of the bracket. Screw heads that protrude may prevent the shelf from engaging the bracket properly
  • Make sure the shelf seats fully on the bracket. Look down the side to check.

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