The Company

We started with a simple idea: making well-made furniture that’s within reach of the every day life. As architects and designers we (Ivan and Tony) consider how spaces are put together and how they work. Many things, from the large scale to the small details, come together to create a place that’s beautiful and livable. Often though, it’s that finer level of detail – the furnishings – that can be too expensive and may be given up in favour of cheap off-the-shelf items.

However, we do believe that when things are just right – a shelf fits a wall perfectly, a table is made of matching materials – a new level of richness is brought to a space. What we aim to do is build affordable furniture, but do it in a way that the materials and sizes are chosen directly by you. The core ideas that drive our thinking are:

  • build well-made furniture
  • use durable materials
  • celebrate good design
  • build each piece to order

How do we accomplish these goals? Well with Made to Measure Modern, we’re creating a line of furniture, built around simple details, that can be customized by you to work exactly how you need.

Learn more about how the Made to Measure system works here.



Ivan Ilic

Ivan Ilic is passionate about architecture and design. With over 10 years’ experience working in architectural offices across Canada and the United States, he now calls Toronto and RDH Architects home. Ivan has been building things with his hands for as long as he can remember – furniture prototypes, architectural installations, presentation models, and sound objects.  His attention to detail is uncompromising which is what makes his creations beautiful and unique.



Tony Round

Tony Round has been involved in the field of architecture and design for over 10 years. He has practised as a licensed Architect in Ontario since 2010. Recently, he teamed up with Andrea Kordos, Joe Knight and Sarah Knight to found blackLAB architects, a young but growing firm. Seeing that design fluidly connects to other circles, Tony has hands-on involvement in construction, renovation, cabinet-making, film making, and photography.